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We respect unique requirements of each our partner while introducing creativity, in-depth analysis, and attention to details. Our research and sales teams are always here to design, manufacture and market novel cost effective optical, spectral, laser and electronic equipment from scratch.
With over 25 years of experience in plasma diagnostics across a range of spectroscopic tasks, Spectral-Tech elaborates high-end tailored system solutions in spectroscopy. We are here to provide full technical assistance whether you are creating a brand new analytical device or incorporating new functionality into an existing configuration.
Spectral-Tech was created in 2006 to address the knowledge-intensive tasks associated with the research program of high-temperature plasma and controlled thermonuclear fusion. Combining highly skilled professionals from various fields of science and technology - spectral instrumentation, laser technology, electronics, semiconductor physics, and plasma physics, - Spectral-Tech operates within the international ITER program where coordinated interdisciplinary efforts are required.
Spectral-Tech has its own production facilities and also collaborates with industrial and optical companies that possess cutting-edge equipment to solve tasks of virtually any complexity.
Our company has been developing optical and spectral-measuring equipment for leading RF tokamaks at the Kurchatov Institute and the Ioffe Institute. Since 2007, fiber optic transmission lines and spectral analysis equipment for Thomson scattering diagnostics have been supplied. High-resolution and filter spectrometers for plasma research successfully operate on Globus-M spherical tokamak (Russia, St. Petersburg).
Spectral-Tech actively participates in training of students, alumni and postgraduates, facilitates their professional development and provides tools for this. Our employees regularly undergo training on the most advanced software for computer-aided design, calculation of optical systems, mathematical processing and others.

The current Spectral-Tech quality management system is certified under requirements GOST ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015). This is confirmed by Certificate of conformity.

​Areas of expertise

  • Development, manufacture and maintenance of analytical instrumentation and measurement systems
  • Optical, spectral, electronics and laser apparatus
  • Methods and equipment for developing and producing photodetectors
  • Plasma and gas control
  • Diagnosis of plasma parameters (including ITER)
  • Processing the results of physical experiments

Our core advantages

  • Enabling custom solutions
  • High performance products and services
  • Faster market entry
  • Meeting unique requirements and demands

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