Thomson scattering optics
Optical system is intended to pass beam from the laser to plasma device, providing alignment of beam inside vacuum chamber and to collect scattered radiation. The system should be agreed with individual features of particular Thomson scattering diagnoistics.
Typically system includes:

  • Laser mirrors with adjustable holders.
  • Rotary nodes.
  • Remote adjustment control unit.
  • Telescope for expanding the laser beam.
  • Laser beam focusing unit.
  • Windows at the entrance and exit of the tokamak vacuum chamber.
  • Viewing vacuum windows.
  • Collection lens.

Аt the request of the customer it is possible to equip system with supplementary units such as optics, laser, mechanical and vacuum components:

  • Bellows expansion joints for radiation input/output pipes in the vacuum chamber.
  • Vacuum adjustment rod.
  • Vacuum rotator to control the window blind.
  • Chiller for laser cooling.

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